Radu IONEL

Born: 14.08.1952
Address: Bd. Dorbantilor, A30, ap. 63, 6100 Braila
Phone:+40.39.688183(home), +40.39.623824(studio)

Studies: Popular art school-Braila
            School of commerce(decorative art)-Bucharest
Speciality: Decorative art, Painting
Profession: Decorative painter- freelancer

Member at: "Arthur VERONA" Art club

Personal exhibitions: 1999- Braila
                                    1988- Braila
                                    1987- Braila
                                    1985- Braila
                                    1981- Braila
                                    1977- Braila
Group exhibitions: 1976-2000- Over 80 group exibitions in Romania
Camps for creation:

Work:  in private collections in Romania, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Sweden
            1988-1989- participant at reconstruction of "Maria FILOTTI" Theater, Braila
            1998- paint of Saint Spiridon Church, Braila

oil painting
  Dusk                                    Landscape with houses
oil/canvas                   58x66                                                            oil/canvas                  58x66